Task 2 Evaluation

Animation Evaluation

Here's my animation- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=O1ClwBFwsyE

In this report I will describe the animation I created. I will also evaluate it. 
I will start with the obvious undeveloped character model I used in the animation, this is the only character model I created, and I needed to include some kind of character in order to create the animation. The character was not rigged in any way, so I couldn't animate it. So when the jail door slams open, the character just slides along the floor- I made sure that it was dark enough that you couldn't see this. I did this using the area light in the jail cell, I lowered the intensity of the light and set it to a key- so that it would turn back on, I wanted to create the effect of a power surge. I also used some directional lighting outside the window, to create a lightning effect- I probably should have added some sound effects during editing, but it might have clashed with the music. The animation is also pretty quick, this is due to the small amount of frames I used, and when I noticed this I had already created a lot of the animation.

The next part of the animation is the motel room scene, I used a camera, which I panned and moved into the room, and then I did a jump cut to another camera, which was in front of the door. The door then opens and the killer clown runs out. There were many texture bugs going on in this scene, this is because I built a whole motel model- which I intended to use in my game, but didn't because of all the bugs created by the model. The model had some sort of problem with it's dimensions, because when it came to projecting textures with the planar projection tools, there was a lot of clipping going on- with other faces of the polygon mesh. I should have created one room, this would reduce the change of these problems, I thought about this during the animation, but it would have taken too long to create, and despite the texture problems, I thought the motel I made was pretty decent. I did the same thing with the jail scene, I originally was going to build the main level in the game(police station), but instead I decided to build it in the Unreal engine. The jail scene was shot in the police station model, it's almost like I built two sets for my animation, which is actually quite a professional thing to do, in the film/TV industry, they don't always film on a real world location, a lot of time they will build a set to film on- with this they can control the lighting, and there environment.

This is not supposed to be what the walls look like, this is what usually happens before you use the planar projecting tool, but no matter how many times I rotate the angle of the planer, nothing happens- this would usually solve the problem, but it doesn't.

My animation uses a lot of good staging, this is one of the principles of animation. My animation doesn't include many of the 12 principles of animation.

I didn't completely follow my brief, I didn't include as much in the animation, for example I intended to get a shot of my Unreal landscape, but as I planned to use the playblast function in MAYA to export the video, I didn't try to capture any unreal footage. 

Overall I think I could of done better, but I did run in to my fair share of problems. I tried rigging the character model, but I must have done something wrong, because it's limbs wouldn't move without morphing into different shapes, so I decided to make do with what I had. Although I was very happy with the finished product, after adding title screens in windows movie maker, it made it seem more like a trailer- which is what I wanted it to be like.