3D model write up

For this assignment I was asked to create a 3D model of a character, I didn't complete the character model, but I do have some other 3D models I can show.

I decided to create a small house which could be used in my game as way to show off the setting of my game- a small rural american town.
First I created a cube polygon, and then I used the scale and move tools to shape it into a cuboid. 

Then I used the Insert Edge Loop tool to create a new edge in the centre of the cuboid.

 I  then clicked on the edge, and I used the move tool to make it into the shape of a roof.

I then made a duplicate

After positioning the two polygons in place, I scaled up the the one on the X axis.

I tried not to make it too long, as this house it supposed to be a very small and basic house.

I then used the insert edge loop tool to split off the far part of the house, from what will become the entrance area of the house.

I clicked on the extrude tool, and then used the scale tool, I did this because I will be extruding the rest of the highlighted face into the polygon.
Now the parts of the face which were not extruded into the polygon, will represent the floor and the ceiling.

I then Deleted the edge loop, as it's only purpose was so that I only selected part of the face.

It's a good idea to tidy up some of the edges.

I then selected the multi- cut tool. I will use this to create a garage. 

I dragged the tool horizontally to the opposing vertex.

I then extruded the face and used the scale tool like I did earlier.

I then extruded the face inwards.

I then extruded the roof of both polygons, to make them hang other the edge like a real roof would; I might even add a bit of guttering here in the future.

Now I will create a garage door.

I added an edge loop to the polygon, now I can simply move a face outwards. And then I scaled down the width of the polygon.

I will then duplicate them and then stack them on top of each other. I then compared the size of the stacked polygons to the garage door gap I made; then I used the combine tool to make them act as one object.

I might make some variants of this house with no garage, because the garage does take up a lot of the space in the house.

I then created a cube polygon and scaled it down on the Y axis. This shape will become a window- you can make the polygon thinner than this if you want, this will make it look better; mine is quite thick because I need to show you what I am doing.

I extruded the face, and used the scale tool to create a window frame.

I then extruded again, I moved the face inwards to represent the glass pane of the window.

I then added two polygons to create a frame for the glass pane. I also added three polygons together to make shutters for the windows. The image shows  

I made a door frame, with a door in it.

I created these parts of the door by reusing windows.
These doors are very basic, then probably won't be able to have any opening animations, in the future I will make a more detailed door.

I used a dark textured polygon to represent windows.

I also added some polygons are support beams for the entrance of the house.

So here is the near finished product- it could use to better textures, for example the roof could have some tiles, and I want the walls to look like wooden panels. I would also make the place bigger, and add a couple more features.
I made a bigger version because it looks more realistic, before it was too small- a one bedroom house- now it looks like it could have about 2-3 bedrooms. The setting of my game is in a small rural american, the town is quite poor and has a low population, so a dozen or more houses like this will make sense.

Police Station
The Protagonist in my game will be a police officer, so it would be a good idea to feature a Police Station in the game, which they could use a Headquarters- this will probably be a safe haven for the player, where they can save their progress, resupply ammunition.

Here is what I have made so far, I won't be able to show you how I made it because I haven't been taking screenshots of it- and I have worked on it on and off for about a month, just adding little features here and there.

Here's the police stations holding cell, the jail door is not complete as is it not animated yet. 

Another part of the interior is the sheriffs office, this is the only other room in the police station- it's supposed to be a small police force. The room has a window and door; but I might create some furniture models in the future.

Evaluation- This building is okay, there is definitely room for improvement, the most obvious thing is that there are no textures- as of yet anyway. This is because I don't really understand how to import a texture and make it look realistic- I want it to look like a 3D brick texture, with a tiled roof; because this isn't the only 3D model I am working on, I haven't focused much time on attempting to import a texture from online and do it properly. I have tried to do it, but the texture was too big and it looked bad.
I the future I will learn to do basic tasks like completing textures before focusing on something else.

Clown Player Model

I tried to create a player model for my game, this is how far I got, I got stuck trying to create the head. The biggest problem with making this model, was that I didn't create it using an image plane; I made it by watching an online tutorial, In future I will find an image plane and create it myself.
Here is my attempt of creating a face.

Here is the hand I created, I made it from a cube polygon- I extruded several faces out a couple times, the image above is the smoothed out version. Below is what the player model looks like. I could have done this better, I made all the fingers with the thumb, I have seen online tutorials which say it's better to detach the thumb from polygon with fingers, and then attach them together.

Here are the feet I made. 

I think the feet are okay, they don't look very realistic, but I plan to put some big clown shoes on the player model. I made the feet in a similar way to the feet- by extruding a couple polygon faces.


Overall, I think the biggest thing I learn from doing these 3D models is the importance of planning ahead. I didn't really do this, instead I thought of what would be easier to create, I know it sounds lazy, but I really struggled to understand MAYA when I started, and even now I don't know a lot of things, but I have improved. I started making a lot of weapons for the game, and some of them had potential, but I got stuck and moved on to something else. In the future I will plan ahead, and also focus my energy at one task at a time.