Unit 6 game comparison

Tom Clancy Rainbow Six Siege(2015)

First Person Shooter/ Action/ Tactical
Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege is a online first person shooter, where two teams of five fight against each other around an objective. The two teams are the attackers and the defenders, the attackers are usually trying to save a hostage, or defuse a bomb; whereas the defenders are trying to defend it, the game ends when: all of a team dies, the time runs out, or the objective is complete. The player can choose between a range of different "operators"- these are armed agents who belong to a security force- for example FBI, SAS, SPETNAZ etc. Each operator have their own stats, and special abilities, these special abilities differ with attackers and defenders, for example defenders will set traps, and attackers will have breaching items.

Selection of Content
The game is very photo-realistic and violent, there is no grotesque gore, like decapitations or limbs flying everywhere- but there is a lot of blood. The lighting in the game makes the hallways and areas in the game quite gloomy. The gameplay is very tense, because it's so easy to die, when you are the only one left in your team it can get quite scary actually, because you know the enemies are coming for you.

Construction of content
The level of the design is pretty consistent, there are quite a few levels, each has night and day variants. With the three different situations- hostage, bomb defusal, secure the area- the levels are all the same, so the hostage will be in a room, which is the same room as the bomb, if it was that situation taking place. Each level will have barricaded windows- which can be broken down- and each level has walls which can be breach- unless blocked by metal barricades. An unique feature about this game is the destructible environment- most walls and ceilings, can be broken by bullets, or from smashing with the stock of the players gun. So construction of the level is very important for the gameplay of the game, you can easily forget to barricade an entry point and you could lose the match because of this. 

Narrative conventions
There is no narrative story line, the closest thing to a story would be the single player situations mode. In this mode a player will be briefed on a terrorist situation-bomb threat, hostage situation etc- and then they will go in on their own and kill the enemies and deal with the threat; this mode is similar to "Terrorist Hunt" a multiplayer game mode within the game. The only other pieces of narrative are the operator videos which introduce each unique multiplayer character, and also the voice acting which goes with that will be used in gameplay- for example if a player builds a barricade, they will shout: "Barricade up!", the purpose is to warn your teammates.

Codes and Conventions
This game is hard. It's hard because its very realistic, bullets go through most walls, and if you get hit by a couple of bullets you are either: dead, or injured on the floor- in which only your teammates can revive you. The environmental realism is just the start of it, the defenders will have a room, or a general area to defend, it might sound like they could just camp until they win; but they can't do this without become a "Sitting Duck". They way the levels are designs- with the environmental destruction- the attackers could just smashing a window barricade open and throw a grenade-and because the controls and movement are realistic- the defender won't be able to simply run away from the grenade without at least taking a huge amount of damage- if not death. Items also vary on the team the player picks, for example defenders will have shields, and the ability to set up barricades, some will also have plastic explosives, and barb wire can also be deployed to slow down attackers. Attackers will have breaching charges, a choice of: flashbangs, HE grenades, or smoke grenades, and also claymore mines.

At the start of a standard multiplayer round, the defenders will be setting up their barricades and traps, and the attackers will use remote control drones with cameras- to locate the threat and scout the area around it, it can also identify the enemies operators which can be helpful because you know what you're up against; but these drones can be broken by the enemy, but if they survive the preparation stage, they can be use during the round. The defenders version of this surveillance method is the cameras which are placed around the level.

Target Audience
The target demographic is predominately a young audience, 16-25. But because Tom Clancy games have quite a dedicated fan base, you could be getting older people playing the game- the rainbow six series goes back to the late 90's, and the Tom Clancy game franchise goes back to the 1980's. I have experienced playing with a wide range of players on similar titles- such as rainbow six Vegas- I have heard people who sound older talking with the in game chat; this shows that there is an older fan base who played the older games in the series. Whilst playing siege I don't hear as much young teenagers talking in the game chat, as I have have whilst playing a game like Call of Duty- which technically has the same target audience, but seems to have a younger audience than the PEGI age rating suggests; although I have no evidence of this being the case, my point is, there are less annoying mic spamming children on Rainbow Six Siege, and this is a good thing.

Hotline Miami
Hotline Miami is a top down shooter, where you play as a masked assassin, who is named "Jacket"-because of his Letterman jacket-, he puts on many different animal masks, which each have different powers. Jacket will be sent to a building, here he must kill everyone inside, using the weapons he finds- a number of guns and melee weapons. The Game is set in Miami in 1989. Though it is a top down shooter, it uses a lot of stealth elements, for example shooting a gun will alert the enemies, so using melee weapons might be preferred. The game was released on the 23rd October 2012, and was well received by critics. It was released on PC, PS3, and PlayStation Vita.

Selection of Content
Because of the setting-1980's Miami. The music has a very "new wave" sound to it- this means that there are a lot of synths, the soundtrack is quite eerie. The games graphics are 2D, and look pretty retro. Fonts are very retro too, as they have scan lines- this is trying to imitate the resolution of the CRT screens of the time the game is set in.

Construction of content
Each level of the game is viewed from a birds eye/top down perspective, each level will have a number of rooms, there will be gangsters patrolling and guarding the rooms. There are also doors which can be used to knock down patrolling guards- or anyone standing in front of it. This game is very hard, death is inevitable- when you die it just puts you back to the start of the level.
At the beginning of each level the player will put on a mask, all these masks are based off animals. Each mask has it's own special ability, which the player will can use to their advantage- excluding the chicken mask, which is the default mask.  Some masks are intended as jokes, for example one will translate the game into french, the other will reverse the keyboard controls.

Narrative conventions
The story of Hotline Miami is not completely clear, the story uses an "Unreliable Narrator", the player is never told directly what they are doing before each level, they will just get a phone call which will say something like "We have a prank caller at the telephone company", or "There's a power outage", the caller gives you an address, and they you go there and kill a bunch of people- they're talking this way in case the police are listening- but it's still quite convoluted. Also the chapters and scenes are not always in chronological order.

Codes and Conventions
The gameplay is quick and intense, and rely's a lot of the players reflexes. You start the level unarmed, you get your weapons from the enemies- who have a range of melee weapons- like baseball bats, pipe, knives; just to name a few. Each melee weapon has it's on speed and strength, for example a knife is very quick and can slit an enemies throat- for an instant kill, but the problem with the knife is that it doesn't have much reach, so if anyone runs at you with a bat or a pipe they will kill you unless you time the attack perfectly. Melee weapons can knock a enemy on the floor, but won't kill them- you have to finish them off yourself; and this is what really makes the game violent, but its quite satisfying to smash an enemies head in, and watch their brains splatter all over the floor.

Guns in the game are well balanced: they are loud- so they alert enemies, they also can't reload- because you don't have any ammo to reload it with. All the guns in the game, are very powerful, the available guns include: a pistol, a pump action shotgun, a double barrel shotgun, a assault rifle, a revolver, and a couple SMG's(Sub-machine gun). All these guns have different amounts of ammo, and different levels of accuracy and spread. Along with the melee weapons, guns can be thrown at the enemy, this will stun the enemy- unless the weapon is a knife, or any other sharp object. There are also guard dogs, these dogs will run at you and kill you, you have to time the counter-attack perfectly.

Target Audience
This game contains some very graphic violence, so it's not suitable for any minors. The target audience are mainly PC gamer's, because the game is played best with a keyboard and mouse- because of the difficulty of the game, you need quick reflexes, and a keyboard and mouse is the best way of controlling the game in my opinion. But because of this PC fan base, the game was a target for some extreme levels of piracy. The game was small in file size- not even 1 GB- so it could be easily pirated online, this might have effected the games sales, even though it still sold about 130,000 in a month. And as of 6/12/16 has sold just over 2 million copies.


 The system requirements of Hotline Miami are pretty are low- you can play on Windows XP with 1 GB of RAM- so it's not a graphical demanding game, one of the problems with PC gaming, is that not everyone has a good enough computer to play the latest games- and since many games are PC only, some people can't play the games they are interested in. Hotline Miami's low spec requirements means that it could be played on a basic computer or laptop, and even on android- this widens the games target audience.

Because of the games "retro" graphics and gameplay, "retro gamer's" could be interested in the game. A retro gamer is basically anyone who enjoys old games- but by old games- I am generally speaking about the 2D era of games; which is anything before the 3D revolution of games in the mid 1990's. This audience might be quite old, and they might prefer the games they played in their youth, to most modern games being released, but if a modern game has the looks of the old game, but has the precision and control of a modern game- this would be the type of modern game a retro gamer would buy.

My Game 

Both these games are similar to the game I plan to make, in the aspect that you are going into a building, to kill all the enemies inside. It is a simple concept, but it could be very fun- and that's the most important thing really. My game will be a mix of Rainbow Six Siege, and Hotline Miami, it's a first person shooter where you go into a building with patrolling guards (clowns). 

My Game will be a first person shooter game, with stealth and horror aspects.This means that the game will put the first person shooter elements before the stealth and horror features. So there will be no cheap jump scares, the main horror element of the game will be the eerie environments and the tension built from searching these environments.

Narrative conventions
The killer clowns enter the town as what seems like a legitimate circus, the circus comes every year, and has been for years. So to most residents of Pinetown, it just seems like the normal circus that comes every year- and brings trade to the local businesses. But the protagonist of the game will become suspicious of the circus- because of the lack of actual circus acts and performers. The clowns will say-"there will be more performers arrived later." But this is an excuse, the backstory behind it is that a gang of ex circus clowns have gone rouge, and are robbing circuses of their cash, and performing animals- the killer clowns will use lions as a way of killing people; and a pit of lions will be boss in the game. After a couple days the rest of the circus hasn't arrived, so even the townspeople are suspicious of the circus; and the game not set in modern times, so the town has no internet, and not many phone lines, so they cannot find out about a strange circus going around.

 The town decides to set up a meeting about the clowns in the town hall, the majority of the town goes to the meeting, but the protagonist- who is a police officer- did not attend, because they had to other things to tend to. During the meeting a group of heavily armed clowns bursts through the door and kidnaps the citizens of the town- including the sheriff, who is the protagonists boss. The clowns then start to loot the town, they also block off all the roads, and the only other way out of town would mean walking through the dark forest- which is where the clowns are hiding.

Selection of Content–
The game will be quite dark and gritty, the game will be set in a small town surrounded by forest- called Pinetown. The town will have a low population, and the townsfolk live simple lives, most of them either work in the logging industry, or are farmers. So the game's environment will feel sparse of friendly faces, there will be some residents you bump into during the game, these encounters will feel special because of the lack of allied NPC's there is in the game.

Construction of content
The game will have a bit of an open world environment, you can explore around the town, but all the action in the game will happen in the games more linear levels. The levels will be found around the open world map, the levels will be set in the buildings found around town, these buildings will be full of the killer clowns- the player must enter and sneak around the place killing the clowns in the process. Each posse of clowns will have a commander, these commanders will be the boss fight at the end of each level; each will have their own unique tactics, and weapons, and stats.

Codes and Conventions
My game will follow the basic first person shooter conventions, but also some survival game features, for example health won't regenerate like it does in games like Call of Duty. The player will have to heal themselves by applying bandages, and using painkillers. It will also use the cover and peeking conventions found in many modern shooting games. The clowns in each level will be spread out, the player have to kill them- if they can do it quietly they will completely avoid being detected. The clowns will have a line of sight, and a zone which they can detect the player, the player must eliminate the clown if detected, as they will alert other enemies, when other clowns are alerted, they will search for the player; and the player must hide until they stop searching. This is a convention is used in a lot of stealth games- this should be the only stealth feature in the game, there will be no disguises or hiding in cupboards like you get in a game like Hitman.
–Target Audience
 The target audience are people who play First Person Shooters, and like Clowns. I think this game is more aimed towards teenagers, and young adults; it will be violent so it will not be aimed at anyone young than 16. My sales plan for the game would be to put in on steam green light- if it gets green-lighted, then I will sell it for about £20-£30. If game sells well on steam, I would consider porting it to console and selling it for about £40; however I would need to find someone who knows how to port game properly from PC to console- baring in mind that gaming PC's are generally more powerful consoles- so I might have to downgrade the graphics, to improve the frames per second.