Survey Results Analysis

Audience Research 
Audience research is a marketing technique used to show an audiences response to a product. Audience research requires questions to be asked, the purposes of these questions are to collect data- this data can be Quantitative or Qualitative. Quantitative shows the numerical data, and Qualitative shows reasons and opinionated data.

Quantitative audience research is often used in surveys, multiple choice questions are a very simple way of collecting important data. Information about the audiences age can be found using short and simple questions, all the audience have to do is tick the box which shows their age; this information is vital for finding out about the target audience of my game. Because I am basing my game off of the movie- Killer Klowns From Outer Space- I will need to ask the audience what they thought of the movie, I could use a star rating system to create some quantitative data, this data will determine whether or not the audience enjoyed the movie or not; and this might help me decide whether to base my game on the movie or not.

Qualitative audience research is used in focus groups, a focus group is a gathering of people who talk about a subject or product. The outcome of this is that it collects qualitative data in a higher level of detail then any of the other research methods, in my case I would set up a focus group for the movie Killer Klowns From Outer Space, in this focus group people will a range of different people, of different age, gender, and interests. I would ask questions like "What was your favourite part of the movie?" and the people will discuss what they enjoyed about the movie, this is more effective than a questionnaire which ask's the same question, because when someone is answering a questionnaire  they cannot discuss the different parts of the movie with others, like they can in a focus group. A face to face interview can also similar data to the focus group, but only with the interview the focus is on one persons answers. 

Audience classification should also be taken into account, a persons background can effect the answers they give. Socio Economic classification refers to the wealth of individuals in the audience, wealth could determine: what games a person has played on, what that person plays games on, and how much they would pay for a game. For example someone in the lower socio economic groups might not be technologically up to date with the latest games consoles, whereas someone in the higher economic groups could frequently update their custom gaming PC-this would cost a lot of money, but they can afford it.

Another factor of audience classification is the physiological aspects of the individuals within the audience, everybody is different, but a lot of people can be put into different groups depending on their interests and likes- this is called psycho-graphics. Psycho-graphics means a little more than hobbies and interests though. It includes the personality and attitudes of a person, as well as what lifestyle they live, and what values they have.

The table above shows some different personalities, however they do not relate to gamer's directly, So I will provide some examples. The resigned group would play older games- for example a retro gamer could fit into this group, because they could of played on these games as a child, so they get nostalgic playing the games they grew up with; however this doesn't mean that we can't create games for them. In recent years 2D retro style games have become more popular, for example Undertale(2015) is a homage to the Earthbound series of the 90's, it looked like a retro game, so the resigned group would probably enjoy it because of it's similarities to the game they enjoy to play.
A Mainstreamer would want the pinnacle of modern gaming, so they would rather have popular game with amazing graphics, with fun and easy gameplay- because they don't want to play on the game too long, otherwise they might miss out on the next big release. Think Call of Duty Fans, they get a new game every year, each not too different than it's predecessors- in terms of gameplay-, but the game will be more pleasing to the eyes. 

An Aspirer would enjoy games which allow character creation and customisation, by this I mean they can design and build their own character. They are very materialistic, so games which are fun and pretty to look at would be an ideal thing for them.

A succeeder is a gamer who enjoys a challenge, they like to master games, they enjoy being constantly bombarded with new challenges which become harder the more they progress through the game, this type of gaming seeks the reward of personal achievement. An example would be a Dark Souls fan, these games are very hard, but very rewarding.

An Explorer and a Reformer would enjoy a game where you could explore an open world at their own pace. They enjoy the freedom and discovery of new things to do. Games like the Elder Scrolls would be good for these gamer's, because they let you stray away from the main quest and go enjoy other quests.
Here is a graph that is similar to the psycho graphic table, but is about gamer's. Although this graph is just about gamer's- people who already play games- the psycho graphics table could help marketing towards non gamer's.

Killer Klowns Movie Statistics
Killer Klowns From Outer Space was a financially successful film, it had a budget of $2 million, and on it's opening weekend it grossed over $2.6 million, it went on to make over $43 million worldwide. So for a silly movie, it did very well. The target audience was more than likely teenagers and young adults, the age rating on IMDb is 15, although I have seen DVD/VHS cases with an 18 rating, and some with a 12 rating.
original movie trailer-

The movie was also released on video in 2000.
Here is a where Killer Klowns From Outer Space was on the Billboard Video Sales Chart in November 2000, it had been on the chart for 7 weeks, and on the previous week reached number 12. This shows that it's not a forgotten movie, especially since it was released on blu-ray in 2012; it's not the most popular movie, but it does have a small following, which you can see on there are some message boards where people discuss the movie. 

However the film itself was not that well received by critics- it has a 6.1 rating on, and a 71% rating on Rotten Tomatoes, these scores aren't terrible, but they are not amazing. The film just a bit of fun, it has some very creative design elements- such as the clown masks and costumes. But the story is very clique, and the acting is not really memorable. On rotten tomatoes the film was praised for being a good "B movie", these means it was good at being a bad film-"This is intentional camp, following the conventions of a million B-movies in the service of a wonderfully ludicrous premise."


I created two surveys, one asking about a viewers experience of the movie, the other asks about what games they like and what they would like to see in a game based on the movie. The movie was Killer Klowns From Outer Space, so I'm not expecting the most positive feedback. I used, to create the surveys, this is a good website as it allows you to analyse the results of the survey in great detail. I have collected both qualitative and quantitative data. 

First I will analyse 5 results from the Killer Klown Movie Survey.

The first question I asked is about the gender of the person taking my survey, finding out the gender is important, as it can help show the demographic for the film, which can help in the marketing of game based off the film. The data I received on the gender of the people taking the survey was 100% male; so no females took the survey. However this is due to people I sent it out to being predominantly male- I sent it out to the games design group I am in- where there is only one female student; so this is not too much of a surprise. 

Age is an important demographic when it comes to finding a target audience. It can determine the best methods to market a product towards a target audience- for example if your game was for children, you would advertise it around things children do- for example on the adverts on a kids TV channel. The data I obtained from the movie survey shows that the majority of people who watched this movie were over 20 years of age. The question only went up to 20 because I knew no one answering in my group was older than 20 and younger than 17. This question was a multiple choice question, because it's quantitative data question, it would make sense to use a multiple choice question.

This question was just to show if the person taking the survey has actually watched the movie Killer Klowns From Outer Space, I even put an answer for someone who has only partly watched it.

In this question I asked for a star rating of the movie- killer klowns from outer space- out of 10 stars. The average star rating was 4 stars, the most popular star rating was 5 stars out of 10. This quantitative data shows that the movie was generally disliked by views, the highest rating was a 7 and the lowest was a 1.
Here are some examples of Qualitative data, I asked them their opinions on the movie and gave them a text both to fill out their thoughts. Only two of the answers of the question above were positive- the other 3 answers were very negative.
When I asked "What didn't you like about the movie?" I mainly got negative responses, some of the responses were entirely negative- for example saying "Everything" was wrong with the movie, this means that the movie was so bad it could not be improved. 

When I asked "Would you watch the movie again?", no one answered "Yes". I since I knew this would probably happen, I added a "Only if I had to" answer, to show that people could watch it again but its not something they would really enjoy- and as you can see this was the most popular choice.

I asked this question to see if they would pay to see it again, and as you can see nobody would pay to see it again.

This question shows that if there was a sequel to the film 40% of people who answered the survey would go and see it. I was surprised by this, because generally the film received negative feedback, but maybe there could be improvement with the sequel. The other 60% would not want to see a sequel- this could just be that they don't like this type of film- or that the film was so bad it can never redeem itself.

Next I will analyse the 5 results I got from game survey

I made a bit of a mistake with this question, as you can seen the the ages of the question go way to high. I know that the their were no elderly people taking the survey, some of my tutors might be fir into the 35-44 age group- but from the results no one above the 18-24 age group answered the survey. Another problem is that there is no answer available to any under 18- I know there were a few 17 year old's answering from the last survey. This problem was caused by me clicking on the preset questions available on; and its probably too late to edit the survey.

Same question as before to check if they have seen the movie.

This question asks a very important question, this question shows if people would want a game based off of the movie- Killer Klowns From Outer Space- the results show that 60% of people who answered the survey would not want to see a game based off of the movie- although 40% would want to see a game being made, although it is not the majority answer it should be taken into account that some people would want see a game based around this move. I will asked a question later which determines how much the game will be based on the movie.

This question will help me determine which platforms I should make the game for. The most popular answer was PC, I think this is good because I can focus my attention on making a game for Steam. Steam is a PC platform which allows users to purchase and play games on their PC, it comes with many social and community features, one of which is Steam Greenlight. Steam Greenlight is a feature that allows games designers to submit their game to be sold on Steam- after it is greenlighted by the community, it can be sold on the Steam marketplace.

In this question I wanted to give my game a genre, I wanted my game to be a First Person Shooter(FPS), but I wanted it to be more than a basic shooter, I wanted to take features from other genres and combine them into my game. From the responses I think I should add some Role Playing Features to my game, this could be done by adding levelling, and different characters.

I asked a similar question here, but this question is asking what the killer klown game should be. The two most popular results were shooter and horror, these two genres could go together pretty well, however this game would also be good with some stealth features, and as you can see from the results stealth was also answered twice. I allowed this question to have multiple answers that's why there are 6 responses from 5 answers.

Some people prefer to play games in a certain perspective, some people might only enjoy games in this perspective. This question asks what perspective should the killer clown game be played in- in the previous question people wanted a shooter game- the most popular type of shooter game is the first person shooter. So from these two questions I have decided to make a first person shooter.
Now here's a very important question- How much would you pay for this game? This question is important because, people won't be very happy if they feel like they have paid too much for a game; if the game isn't that amazing, but they paid less than £10 for it- they more than likely not write a bad review about the game. However if someone purchases a game for £50, and it is a huge disappointment, they will feeling like they have been ripped off, because the quality of a £50 game should be high, and it should have taken a lot of time and effort to create; and it should have large amount of gameplay available.
This questions says a lot about the reception of the movie, no one who took the survey would like to see a game based on the movie. I could have improved this question by including a "loosely based" question in the survey, although this probably wouldn't have made too much difference, as 100% of the answers said No. I think this is good, because I didn't like the movie, but the idea of a game about killer klowns seems like a good idea- which hasn't really been done before in the gaming industry.