Game Brief

Killer Clown Game Brief

Game Name- Oregon Circus or The Circus Fire
The game I am going to create will be a third person shooter game- with sandbox elements. The clowns in the game will be the enemies, they have invaded a small town, and are causing havoc and violence. The player will play as some sort of special forces agent, who is heavily armed. The player will breach into a building and neutralise all the clowns- who are armed with guns, and have taken hostages. The player must kill all the clowns to progress through the game, they can also recuse hostages during the assault for bonus points. Also there will be a time limit, after this backup will arrive and surround the player- this will mean the player has failed the mission.

The gameplay takes inspiration from Tom Clancy's rainbow six series- specifically the game mode- terrorist hunt.  

The Clowns
The clowns are a gang, so they will not actually be dressed as a typical circus clown, they will be wearing scary clown masks- but in reality they are actually terrorists/ organised criminals- although it is not clear what their exact intentions are. The player will enjoy the mystery, and will be glad they're not playing against the generic balaclava wearing terrorists, which you will find in many FPS's. I will make the models in MAYA, I will create one body, and then put different types of clown masks on it, to make a range of characters out of one model. The masks will be the hard part, because there will be a lot of strange angles to work out.

The player
The backstory of the player is that they are a local SWAT officer, a couple days before the game starts, he/ or she, and their team were about to carry out a siege on the Killer Klowns, when they invaded the city hall- and took the mayor hostage. However the team were outnumbered and ambushed whilst approaching, the player was the only one to get out alive. The player try's to call for backup but all ways of communication have been destroyed by the klowns, the player cannot escape as the klowns have surrounded the town with circus barricades, traps, and guard patrols. The player must be stealthy, and defeat the clowns as they slowly take over the town.

The player can find vigilantes across the town and recruit them, although they will not be well armed, but they can provide suppressing fire.

The Town

The town will be in America, in the state of Oregon. The town is in a rural area, and is surrounded by forest, this is another reason the player can't just escape the town- because they would not survive in the wild for very long. (might base town on real town, or might just make a name up). The local police force will be scattered around the town, as they would have tried a tactical retreat away from the siege at city hall. The player can use these officers for support. Levels in the game will include a large "Walmart" like supermarket, although it will not be a Walmart for two reasons: it's a small town, and I wouldn't be able to display Walmart logos for copyright reasons.


The main character will use a M4A1 assault rifle, and a Glock pistol. Although you will start out with limited ammo, you will be able to pickup ammo from enemy's, or scavenge them from the near by gun store or the police station- which will be overrun with looting clowns. The clowns will be heavily armed, but will have a wide range of weapons. I might have some clowns use melee weapons, but they might be too easy for the player to kill. I don't want to burden myself by having too many guns in the game, I thinking I should stick to rifles, sub machine guns, and pistols, and shotguns.

In many modern first person shooter games, there will be many real world weapons, many of these have been based off real weapon models produced by arms manufactures, in the past games like Call  Of Duty and Battlefield have used the actual model names; this has caused some controversy, as armed manufactures will earn money from their brands being included in games.
Some games will have researchers working on what weapons characters in a game would use, for example in Battlefield the US army players would be defaulted to using American arms like M4 Rifles, and Barretta pistols- these weapons are the weapons the real US military would use. On the other side of the fence however, the opposition in most FPS games seem to always favour the Kalashnikov style guns, because these are the guns insurgents in the middle east would use. In my game this will be different, the Clowns are terrorists, but I think it would make more sense if they were homegrown terrorists, this would mean they probably would not use Kalashnikov's, they would use American weapons- which can be easily purchased at gun stores in the US.
The reason I am talking about this is because, I will be making the 3D models for the guns in MAYA, it might be easier to make a Kalashnikov because its a very solid looking gun, but would it make sense.

M4- A1  

Idea 2

I would like the idea of a third person shooter for this game, but maybe a first person shooter would be more suitable. One reason to switch to first person view, is that I don't have to spend too much time animating my own character- although I still would give it some animations, but only basic movements. The only animations I should focus on is the first person movements- such as reloading a weapon, and aiming a gun. Another reason to switch to a FPS is that they seem to be a lot more popular than third person shooters. This is probably due to how simple and immersive they are- you are playing from a first person view, which can make players feel that they are there in the game.

If I choose this idea over the over the third person shooter, I would not really change the story. Although a first person shooter does have it's own difficulties, for example the iron sights for the guns might be hard to design- although I could take influence from Counter strike, and just have no iron sights.

Idea 3
My third idea could be first or second person, in this idea I am changing the map and the setting. In the other ideas I was going start the player off in a supermarket, but I don't really know how hard it would be to create a supermarket level, there will be a lot of models I will need to make to make it look like a supermarket, for example I can't find any shopping trolleys I could buy and use on the Unreal marketplace- my point here being that I would have to create every single prop needed to make the level believable. If the setting changed to an abandoned farm or barn, or even a circus tent, I think I would have an easier time designing the game- especially since I am working on my own. I also like the idea of really rural town without any big supermarkets, you will play as the sheriff of the town, and you will save each citizen from the clown invaders; it's not too different from the other ideas, but the fact you are a lone sheriff builds more tension- and might even make the game a horror game. The main characters model would change with this idea, because the main character is a small town sheriff, they won't be wearing a tactical mask and helmet, they will be wearing their uniform along with a bulletproof vest. The uniform itself will be a brown leather jacket, a black sheriffs hat, with tan shirt and trousers- so it's a typical rural police officers uniform, for the part of America I am setting the game in.

Target Audience

This game will be violent, and dark, so it will not be suitable for any children, a PEGI 16 age rating would be great, because it can improve sales. But a violent game with modern age rating standards will more than likely get a PEGI 18. I will aim for an 18, because it will allow me to have no limitations in the design of the game.

The Game takes some inspiration from the 1988 film "Killer Klowns From Outer Space" this movie was a silly 80's movie where a gang of Alien clowns go on a killing spree across a small town in America. They kill people in a comical manor, for example they wrap their victims up in cotton candy and suck their blood with a silly straws. The film involves a group of heroes, two teenagers and a police officer. The police officer gave me the idea to involve a police character in the game. However the film itself was not that well received by critics- it has a 6.1 rating on, and a 71% rating on Rotten Tomatoes, these scores aren't terrible, but they are not amazing. The film just a bit of fun, it has some very creative design elements- such as the clown masks and costumes. But the story is very clique, and the acting is not really memorable. On rotten tomatoes the film was praised for being a good "B movie", these means it was good at being a bad film-
his is intentional camp, following the conventions of a million B-movies in the service of a wonderfully ludicrous premise."
I think this is a good thing to base a game off of for a number of reasons. Firstly, there are not many computer games with evil clowns in them, this is good because it will make the game unique, because there aren't many, if any clown games, if the game is a success, people will think of this game as "that clown game". Another reason for releasing this game, is what's happening in America right now, in late 2016 creepy clowns started appearing across America. These clowns would chase people with weapons- as a dark joke- they would threaten to turn up at university campuses, there was even a riot like gathering- looking for the clowns. Some serious crimes have been committed by people in clown costumes- for example someone was stabbed to death after they started to fight the clown. All these sightings are thought to be an advertising campaign for the reboot of the Stephen King Film "It"- which is about a scary clown. To release a game about clowns now might increase the games sales, although I wouldn't making a game just because of this, it would just be an added bonus.

Killer Klowns From Outer Space was a financially successful film, it had a budget of $2 million, and on it's opening weekend it grossed over $2.6 million, it went on to make over $43 million worldwide. So for a silly movie, it did very well. The target audience was more than likely teenagers and young adults, the age rating on IMDb is 15, although I have seen DVD/VHS cases with an 18 rating, and some with a 12 rating.
original movie trailer-