Killer Klowns Story draft

Killer Klowns From out of Town

Daniel Danaher-working on my own
I will start off the story with a narrative, to build up the plot. Then when the action started happening I will summarize the plot which is happening; I am basing this on how a movie works- first there is a lot of plot, then when the action starts to take place the dialogue starts to be less frequent, and the focus is on the physical events taking place.
Just another Friday night in Crescent cove, people fill the streets. Teens loitering around stores, adults loitering around bars, the week is over and everyone wants to unwind. The only cars on the streets are patrolling cop cars, and the occasional group of people cursing down the main street. The main street is lit up like a Christmas tree, neon lights on every window of every store. This is odd for Cresent cove, being a coastal town out of season, the only people around are the locals, and the college kids. But being in North California, it's warm for most of the year round. When the town dies in the winter, the warmth gives the locals a reason to stay, and the college kids a reason to come. Mike and Debbie were locals, they grew up here, the attended school here, and will probably go to college here; and will probably live here for the rest of their lives, because the warm sun, the sandy beach, pretty much make paradise. Mike and Debbie were used to meeting strangers- whether it be tourists, or college kids starting their first semester- they were friendly characters. Mike and Debbie were parked up outside the Crescent cove convenient store, on a double yellow line. They were purchasing some cheap champagne from Mr Mart. "You kids don't look old enough, Let me see some ID"
"Okay? Here" Mike took out his driving license out of his wallet, and showed it to the shop keeper.
"Mike Tobacco? Are you kidding me? That's got to be fake?"
"What!? That's my families name." said Mike in offence.
"Really? What... are your family smokers or something?" Said Mr Mart with a smirk on his face.
"It's just his name, some names are weird, like yours 'Mr Mart' " said Debbie in protest
"Okay, Okay, I'm sorry for causing offence, enjoy your Champagne"
"We will." Said both Debbie and Mike
As Debbie and Mike walked out to their car, A patrol car pulled up, and a big balding man poked his head out the window. "You punks are parked on a double yellow line! You're asking for a ticket." Yelled the man.
"Sorry Officer Mooney, we were only in there for a minute at most." said Mike politely
"Yeah, well that's my space. Stay out of it!" He shouted.
"Okay, dude I'll..."
"Don't call me Dude, Punk!" Interrupted Officer Mooney. "Call me 'Sir'".
"We're Sorry, Sir" Debbie said sarcastically.
"Okay, don't stay out to late, or I'll book ya" Officer Mooney quickly sped off in this patrol car.
"What an asshole!" Said Mike
"Can you blame him. Sheriff Hanson is 20 years younger, and his superior" Said Debbie
"Sheriff Hanson? You mean Dave? Your Ex?" said Mike
"Me and him are over. It was weird, he was like 10 years older than me" Said Debbie "Besides, I only dated him because he was a cop."
"Yeah, whatever." Said Mike "Come on, lets get to the 'top of the world'".

Mike and Debbie got into their SUV, the car actually belongs to Mikes dad, but he tended be at a bar down main street on a Friday night. Mike Tobacco's had once been apart of the Tobacco business, then they worked as lumberjacks cutting down California Redwoods, and now they work seasonal jobs- in summer they work in town feeding off of tourist's money, the rest of the year just odd jobs here and there. Mike's job was in the local forests, all he had to do was locate the tree's that needed to be cut down, he would spray them with a can of paint, and the lumberjacks would come at cut the tree's he marked down. And thanks to this deforestation, places in the forest- like the "Top of the World"- were turned into hangouts for teens. Mike and Debbie pulled up, and parked by some other cars, one of the cars belonged to Bobby Mcreed- he looked like a nerd, but was in fact a full on jock, he was making out with some girl, who Mike and Debbie didn't recognize. Debbie opened the trunk of the SUV, and Mike centered a already inflated lilo bed, he pulled Debbie on to it, they opened some champagne and proceeded to drink and kiss the night away. The two of them sat and stared at the stars. "The stars look so bright out here." said Mike "Without all the light from the neon lights, and street lamps, the stars seem to shine much brighter". Mike gazed into the sky, and waited for Debbie to say something.
"This is a great night, and this champagne only makes it better." she smiled at Mike, they were about to kiss, when suddenly a huge flash of light flew up into the sky.
"What the hell is that!?" yelled Mike
"It looks like a flare?" Said Debbie, unsure of what see was seeing.
The flare disappeared over the hill after a minute or two.
"We should go find out where that flare was, someone could be in trouble." suggested Debbie.
"But, Debbie, we've got the champagne, and the stars." said Mike with a disappointing look on his face "and besides, that flare is probably miles away, over people will see it." Stated Mike with a cautious look on this face.
"Oh, c'mon, you big baby, you know it was just over the hill" said Debbie in a teasing tone.
"Okay we'll go, I want to come back here and finish our champagne" demanded Mike
"Sure, it won't I doubt it will take long, I'm sure of it".

They drove for about 10 minutes through the dark forest, thanks to the SUV they could go down a fire road which were used to stop forest fires spreading. They stopped and got out of the car when the road was inaccessible. They followed a faint red glow into the woods, the glow reveled a circus tent. Mike and Debbie looked at each other in amazement.
"Why..? Is there are circus all the way out here?" Said Debbie
"I don't know? Looks suspicious. Maybe it's some sort of 'Clown Cult' " Said Mike
"Do you think we should go inside?" Said Debbie
"I don't think that's a good idea, considering the location, I don't think we'll be getting a good show at this circus" said Mike.
"Shut up and lets go inside". Said Debbie as she pushed Mike along to the entrance of the Circus tent.

Inside was more like a fun house than a tent- solid metal walls, with wacky colours, funny mirrors which morphed Mike and Debbie's bodies. "Hey Debbie, did you do something with your hair" said Mike as he pointed towards a the mirror
"Mike this is weird, stop joking around."
They walked through an uneven doorway, and led them to a large gloomy pink room. In the room a huge cocoon of cotton candy hung from a wall.
"Oh my god! Look at all that cotton candy" said Mike
Mike walked to the cotton candy and ripped a bit off.
"Hey, I can see something..." Mike began to tear bits of candy off to get to the core, as he ripped into one piece he felt a hard moist object which stuck to his skin, he looked closer and a human face appeared in front of him.
"Shit!" he screamed "What the..."
"What is it, Mike!?" Shouted Debbie
"It's an old man" said Mike. "And he's not breathing" Mike had a shocked look on his face.
"We have to go! Now!" squealed Debbie "We need to go to the police."
Then on a far corner of the room a door made a beeping noise and started to turn.
"Someone's coming" whispered Mike

Mike and Debbie ran into the shadows of the room, and hid. The door slowly opened to reveal, a large figure, the figure was wearing a colourful boiler suit, with colourful patterned patches sewed onto random parts of the costume. On the figure's head was a large red hair-do, which was cut to different lengths around the head, making it seem very scruffy and odd. The face was big and fat, the nose was covered by a large red nose, and the face was painted white, the eyes were covered in blue eyeliner, and the mouth was painted red in the shape of a smile, the feet were covered in a large red shoe. To Mike and Debbie, it looked like a guy dressed up as a clown, but it looked more real that a regular clown. The clown walked over to the cotton candy and pulled out a silly straw, he impaled the cocoon with the straw, he placed the straw around his dry, and painted lips, and started sucking. Mike and Debbie watched in horror, as the cannibalistic clown drank the blood of the old dead man. Mike whispered to Debbie "We have to get out of here now". Mike pulled Debbie and they quietly crept to the door. As they went through the door, they heard a loud bang, and a clang against the wall near them. They ran down the hallway they came through, and ran outside, behind them the sound of some heavy footsteps followed. Mike and Debbie ran into the woods, they had left their SUV's headlamps on so they can find it. They got into the car and Mike started the engine. He started a k-turn, as he stopped reversing, in the headlamps a figure of the clown was running fast towards them, the clown pulled up a gun. "Get Down!" Mike yelled. As he and Debbie ducked, the SUV's windshield cracked open with a loud bang. Without looking Mike aggressively accelerated forward and smashed into something. As they looked up the land gloved hand on the clown was poking through a hole in the windscreen, and a face was splattered against the cracked glass.
"Oh my god" said Debbie. "I think I'm gonna throw up." She cautiously opened the door, and stepped outside, Mike was still at the wheel, shocked at what had just happened. Debbie looked at the body of the clown. Not Knowing if it was dead or alive, she picked up the gun it had been using. It was a pump action shotgun, which was crudely spray painted pink and yellow. "We need to get this body off the car" said Mike in a serious tone. 

As they drove away they washed the window screen with the car's washer. "Should we go to the police" said Mike.
"Of course" said Debbie
"But, the car looks a bit suspicious" said Mike
"Mike, don't worry, Dave will believe us" said Debbie
 They drove into town, most streets seemed empty, but a lot of noise was coming from main street. They arrived at the police station, Mike crashed into a wall, because of the cars windscreen. "My dad's going to kill me when he see's the car" moaned Mike.
"I think we have more important things to worry about, Mike." They both walked into the police department.

So basically after this, Mike and Debbie meet Dave, Mike goes of with him to the circus tent's location. When they arrive, nothing is there- except for a grave which has been recently filled in. Dave takes Mike back into town, where they meet the terenzi brothers, who are in an ice cream van; they say they are going to the parade on the main street. Dave is surprised that he was informed on a parade taking place. When they get to main street, clowns parading down the street, in clown cars, and some large circus like carriages with Lions and elephants in them. Everybody in town thinks it's just a circus arriving in town, and are enjoying the parade; what they don't know is that the clowns are actually invading the town. 

 First the clowns released a lion into a crowd- which Dave has to shoots, but not after mauling man townsfolk. The clowns start to throw cocktail bombs into shop windows and bars, Dave calls for backup. Meanwhile at the police department Debbie and Officer Mooney are confronted by a clown, the clown comes at officer Mooney with a mallet, and knocks him down, Debbie quickly grabs his gun and shoots the clown- who is repeatley hitting Mooney- till it seems like he's dead. Debbie hears Dave on the Walkie talkie- calling for backup- she, grabs a bunch of guns and ammunition, and drives off to main street in Mikes car. When she arrives Mike and Dave trying to escape the clowns- who are shooting at them. Debbie see's this and then tries to escape in the car, but she is chased by a clown car full of clowns, they chase her out of town, and ram her of the road- they then kidnap her. Meanwhile on main street Mike and Dave are still in trouble, until the Terenzi brothers show up in their ice cream van- which has a big clown head on it; so it confuses the clowns to thinking it's one of theirs. Mike and Dave get into the van and they drive off. Whilst they are driving off, they see a speeding clown car going by- they recognize it's the same car which went after Debbie, and decide to follow it. This leads them to a "Big top" style circus tent down by the amusement park. They see Debbie being pulled out of the clown car- along with about 10 clowns. They decide to be stealthy and sneak into the Big Top. Inside they discovered a room filled with cotton candy cocoons, Mike knew that a least 30 people from Crescent cove are dead, they decide as a group that they need to stop the clowns now, before they kill anyone else. 

They find a stash of guns in a room, the guns must have been taken from the SUV Debbie was driving, Dave, Mike, and the Terenzi brothers, were all armed to the teeth- each had a pump action shotgun, a couple of police revolvers. They heard the sound of circus music coming from another room, the rooms smelt like a mixture of cotton candy and petrol fumes, when the group barged through the door, about 12 clowns were sitting down eating cotton candy, all of them were off guard. Dave shouted "Nobody move!"
In response the clown all laughed, and started doing somersaults. 
Dave said "Screw this!" and pulled up with shotgun and started pumping lead into the crowd of clowns, Mike and the brothers followed. But the clowns were quick, their costumes were armored, the small shotgun pellets could not fully pierce the clowns at the range Dave and the guys stood at. The clowns fired back with their spray painted shotguns, one clown had a polka-dot coloured Mini-Uzi, he was spraying all over the place- all these clowns seemed untrained with firearms, and all a bit too crazy; one ran across the room and threw a pie at Mike, Mike panicked and shot the clown in the face- the blood splattered all over him. The group were all ducking for cover behind some equipment cases, they were blind firing their shotguns, one of the Paul Terenzi had been hit twice by the Mini-Uzi. Dave noticed he had a couple broken ribs from the force of shot's he had taken against his Kevlar armor. Mike was feeling, so he popped his head out and took a couple shots, this is when he saw Debbie lying at the other side of the room- after this he was afraid to shoot in that direction. The clowns still outnumbered Dave and the guys, even with a couple of then dead. It was hopeless, the Ritchy Terenzi brother decided to make a run and gun to the door they came through- he was shot a couple times but made it through to the other side- they didn't see him after this. Dave shouted through his Walkie-Talkie radio calling for help at the amusement park. Dave and Mike were trying their best to keep the clowns back from breaching their cover, as time went on, Mike and Daves ammo became sparse, it all seemed hopeless. But then there was a flash of bright light which showed all the shadows of the clowns on the tent wall, and then a huge bang, which hurt their already ringing ears. They then saw and hurts many flashes and many bangs, Dave knew backup had arrived- he took of his badge and held it up above cover, bullets buzzing by his hand. The flashes and the bangs stopped, and a voice came from the other side of the room.
"Officer, are you hurt?"
Dave and Mike sighed with relief. They slowly stood up, and turned around to see a dozen cops covered in SWAT gear, they held smokey assault rifles, and they stood around the bloody corpses of the clowns- kicking them to see if they were dead. Mike got up an stumbled towards were Debbie was laying. He found her slightly rapped in a cotton candy shell, she was struggling and in pain. 
"Are you alright?!" Mike called to her.
"I think I was hit?" She waled Mike inspected her for any wounds, but all he could find was dents and damage done the cotton candy shell, he touched the shell, it was was hard as a rock, it was clear to him that this was no normal cotton candy.
"I think that cotton candy saved your live" Mike said with a smile of relief on his face
"I'm stuck in here, but I think it's coming loose" Debbie moved her body from side to side, and the cocoon of cotton candy started to crack around the bullet marks.
"Oh thank god!" Debbie yelled "I thought I'd be stuck in there forever".
"I'm glad your okay" said Mike "we better go look for Ritchy, he made a run for it."
Mike pulled Debbie from the floor carefully, they saw Dave. He was calling out for the Ritchy- one of them was still armed and probably doesn't know whats going on.
A muffled cry for help came from another room, it was Ritchy, Dave and a couple of the SWAT officers went the investigate. Some paramedics came in with a couple stretchers, they put Paul on and took him out to the ambulance- there were sirens coming from everywhere. A minute later Ritchy came out on a stretcher, he was bleeding pretty badly, but was in good care. Dave came towards Mike and Debbie. " Are you guys okay?" he said with a concerned look on his face.
"Yeah were good" said both Mike and Debbie.
"Let me get you some water, and we'll try to make sense out of this whole situation."

Mike, Debbie, and Dave, sat down on a bench in the amusement park, they sat facing the sea. It was a full moon that night, and the Moon was very close and bright. They got some drinks, and snacks from a vending machine and sat there eating. Debbie told Dave about Officer Mooney, she doesn't know if he died, but she told Dave it looked unlikely. Dave was a little bit mad, he asked why Debbie left him there- she responded with- "I was trying to save you."
 Dave forgave her, he said "Officer Mooney was always going to risk his life to save others, he was a war veteran after all."
"I hope everyone in town is okay?" Said Mike 
"I'm afraid there are quite a few dead" said Dave in a sorrowful tone. "But the majority of the town's folk are safe". They all looked into the moon's gaze in silence. Until Mike said with a smirk on his face- "I don't want to visit the circus ever again." They all laughed, and debated whether the whole situation was a nightmare. They were all happy to be alive, but they all had so many questions: Where did the clowns come from? Why did they come here? What drove them to do what they did? Was it all just a joke to them? All these questions were beyond them, they would just have to go on with their lives. 

The end.