Killer Klown Gamifacation

Killer Clown Game- Daniel Danaher- working on my own

I am going to create the basics of the game out of the story I just wrote. The game will be about killing clowns, it will be a platform shooter.
The image above is a basic game sketch of the level design of the game. The aim of the level is to keep going right, until you reach the end of the level, it's a very traditional 2D platform game. The level design will take inspiration from the Metal Slug games- these games are "run and gun" style platform shooters- in Metal Slug there is a lot of bullets flying around the screen, which the player has to dodge and duck behind cover; there are usually military vehicles in the game which the player has to evade, and destroy. I think I will do the same with the enemy vehicles in the game, however instead of military vehicles, the player will be dodging clown cars, and circus trucks. The background of the levels will range, from a towns main street, a circus tent, and a dark forest, and an amusement park.
For this game I decided to create my own sprites in Gamemaker. They are very basic sprites, because I am not very good at drawing; I would be better drawing with my hands, but I have to use a mouse for the Gamemaker sprite creator. I have based all the sprites from the characters of Killer Klowns From Outer Space.


A killer clown

The story of the game will be a shortened version of what I wrote in  my draft. The good thing about games, is that they can use images to show what's going on- instead of narration. This means I can use a sequence of events to show what's happening; for example, when the flare(or meteorite in the movie) appears in the sky, all I have to do is cut to the chase, Mike and Debbie will see the flare, and decide to chase it- this will be surmised in a sentence or two at most. When they discover the circus tent in the wood- this will be the first level, so it's up to the player to control the story. The player can choose to control Mike or Debbie, both will do exactly the same thing, the other character will just follow the player; or the game could be multiplayer. Later in the game, Mike and Debbie will have separate roles, Mike will team up with Dave, and their role is to rescue Debbie. I also think I should use the Terenzi brothers in level involving running over clowns with an ice cream van. I think the main heroes of the game should be Dave and Mike. 

The biggest different between the story and the game is the amount of detail. Games don't need to rely on text to tell a story- visuals can be used instead; and this will shorten a story. Games also don't need that much dialogue, but this depends, modern games have a lot more dialogue than games of the past. In a movie, the constant dialogue and action is essential for telling a story, but with a game, dialogue will stop and let the player play the game, allowing them to create the action which is progressing the story.

The beginning of the game will start with Mike and Debbie in the circus tent, where they defeat a small amount of clowns. It will then cut to Debbie and Mooney in the police department, where they are attacked by numerous clowns. The next level will include Mike and Dave at the clown parade, in this level the clowns are in large numbers, so the level will be the games first long and challenging level, after this the game will get harder. There will be a boss battle against a bunch of circus lions which have been released by the killer clowns. Debbie will show up at the end of the level, in Mike's SUV, 

After the clown parade, Debbie is being chased by a clown car. The Terenzi brothers show up, and the play must control them in their ice cream truck- they will take chase after Debbie and the clown car; this will be a level, in the level you must dodge items thrown from the clown car. Despite the players best efforts, this level will always end up with the ice cream truck loosing sight of the clown car, and Debbie being rammed off the road and kidnapped.

Mike, Dave, and the Terenzi brothers know that the clowns will be taking Debbie to the amusement park across town, but instead of running in there unprepared, they decide to stock up on weapons and equipment- this will be the next level. Mike and Dave will need to find weapons in the police department- but to get there, they will need to fight quite a few clowns.

Mike, Dave and the Terenzi brothers have stocked up on weapons, and will make their way to the amusement park. The amusement park will be the last level of the game, and will be quite challenging. It will end in a boss battle which is a stand off between the group and the clowns- you just need to survive the waves of clowns which are attacking, at the end a SWAT team will come and kill all the remaining clowns.

Here is a screenshot from the game I made based on the story. To the left is Dave and Mike, they are firing their guns. To the right are the clowns, who are also firing guns. The background is based on a circus tent, though it is very large. If I were to take some time to actually create a game out of this, I would make a lot of changes. You mike notice that all the clowns have the same sprites, I did make some other sprites, but I didn't want to spend too much time animating them, so I just stuck to one sprite. The biggest change I would make to this game is the art style, I am not a fan of the way I drew the sprites- I am not the greatest at drawing, but I tried to make the sprites have detailed bodies. I have found ways to simplify sprites, but this makes them look like boxes with legs, this is an acceptable art style- but I learnt about it after I started this game, so I didn't really have time to change everything.