10 quetions

10 Questions                                    Daniel Danaher

So what did you think of the assignments?
I think the Assignments were very good, I learnt a lot from each different one, I think it's a brilliant way of introducing game design concepts.

How would you rate the assignments in terms of difficulty?  Look at them both, and just tell me which ones were easy, which ones were harder.  Or were they both easy or both hard? if so, can you give me an example of a subject you’ve learnt? 

The first games I created were pretty simple, and pretty fun. I think the Shapeman assignment was the hardest, mainly because I was trying to make something which was way out of my knowledge. The 2 games I created for the 2 in one gaming, were quite hard, the maths puzzle one I had trouble with creating a hard enough maths question, and the space invaders game I struggled with the alien movement- but figured it out in the end.

For 3 in one gaming you did 2 games .. (so answer two out of the following three questions)
In the platform game, name one thing you learned during its development.  
In the maze game name one thing you learned during this assignment.
In the card game name one thing you learned during this assignment.

In the maze game I learnt a lot about programming menus, and using these menu's as an actually game feature of the game. During the space invaders platform game, I learnt that games which seem simple to make, are actually quite hard to get right, but I did learn about AI movement- without the use of paths.

Right, here’s a slightly off the wall one:  did you learn any maths during this experience?  These assignments?
During the maze game I had to come up with a maths question, I realized that I had not done maths properly since my GCSE's 3 years ago, so I had forgot a lot of things; I forgot how to do algebra, but with a quick refresher online it came back to me.

Do you think you gained any maths when you did any puzzles for the maze game? 
Not really, although it turns out that I dp actually quite enjoy algebra.

How do you rate your maths?  Give us a scale, are you good?  
What GCSE grade have you got etc?

I got a C at GCSE. I was never really good at maths, I fail to do basic arithmetic sometimes, I think I should try and challenge myself to study maths more. I would rate my maths at a 4 out of 10, I think my peak mathematical ability was at GCSE; I got my pass grade and then I never really bothered to study maths ever again.

How hard did you find the maths during these assignments?

Pretty hard, but the puzzles I made were pretty basic, and would be easily solved by any maths boffin. For example 5x-7=18. what is the value of x?
Do you think your opinion’s towards maths has changed?

I think I have realized that maths is more than just a GCSE, it's part of day to day life, and I think my attitudes to maths has improved. I think I will consider doing a bit of maths studies in my spare time, it probably won't be anything too complicated, it would only be basic arithmetic and algebra; I believe algebra will help with my coding in the future, because they share similarities.