Game Genres

Action RPG
An action RPG game is a game where a player creates a character, and can explore a world and fight enemies.

Bloodborne (2015)

Bloodborne is an Action RPG released in 2015. It allows a player to create their own character and build that character’s skills to their own desire, this makes the game an RPG. The game is more of an action game than an RPG, because the main aim of the game is to kill enemies; if the player couldn’t create their own character, the game will be pretty much the same- just not as fun. Bloodborne is about killing abominations and collecting their “Blood Echoes”, which the player can then use to level up their character.
Fallout New Vegas (2010)
Fallout is an action adventure RPG set in a post apocalyptic America, it has elements of a first person shooter, but is based more on exploring the post apocalyptic wasteland. Fallout New Vegas is the most recent release in the series, this game is set in the Las Vegas area of California and Nevada, the main storyline is about who has control of New Vegas- which is based on Las Vegas; many of the in game locations are actual places around the Las Vegas area. The game has leveling up system where the player can choose what stats they want to improve; but in order to do this they must level up first.
First Person Shooter(FPS)
A FPS game is a game where the player shoots enemies from a first person perspective. These games tend to have themes of war and terrorism, and are based around gunplay.
Battlefield 4 (2014)

Battlefield is a very popular FPS series, battlefield games tend to be about war and tactics, so it’s not as quickly paced as other FPS games like Counter-strike and Call Of Duty. The online gameplay has many different game modes to play with, many of which are based around capturing the enemy’s territories.
Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (2012)
Counter-strike is a first person shooter series which started in 1999. It offers fast paced online gameplay which millions of people enjoy. Counter-strike is more known as a PC game-but is available on other platforms. In the game you cannot aim down the sight of your gun- this is a feature which was never in the original game so they haven't put it in, this seems like laziness by the developers, but, when you play the game you realize that aiming down the sight is not needed; however weapons with scopes do allow this feature.

Stealth Game
A stealth game is a game where a player must complete objectives without being discovered by the enemy.
Hitman Absolution (2012)

Hitman is a stealth game where the player must assassinate targets without being discovered, the more stealthy you are the more points you will score; however the player can just go through the levels guns blazing, but this will give you a bad score- and is not as rewarding to the player.
Metal Gear: The Phantom Pain
The Metal Gear series is a long running stealth game, which is known for it's brilliant storylines, and tense gameplay. The latest game in the series is Metal Gear: The Phantom Pain. The game rewards not killing people, this is good because it focuses on stealth.
MMO stands for Massively Multiplayer Online, this means that the game is focused on online gameplay. MMO’s tend to have quests which players can join together to complete, there is also a lot of PvP (player vs player).
World Of Warcraft (2004)

World Of Warcraft is a very well-known MMO game, it is actually a MMO RPG, because each player can make their own unique character. The aim of the game is to complete quests, level up your character, and generally just have fun with other online players.
The Elder Scrolls Online is a more recent MMO game. This game is based on the Elder Scrolls Series- which are all action adventure RPG's. The game has got some bad reviews, but this is because it's early days, and the developers of the Elder scrolls series have never done an online MMO before. 
A sports game is a game which simulates athletes playing sports, some sports games are based around one particular sport, others might be based on tournaments like the Olympics.

FIFA 15(2014)

FIFA is a very popular gaming series, it’s a sports game based around football. It has many professional football teams which the player can play as. The player can also create their own team and compete against other online players.
A Racing game is a game where a player race against others, either in game NPC’s or online players.
Forza Horizon 2 (2014)

Forza Horizon 2 is an open world racing game, where players can explore the south of France, and the north of Italy. In this game you can: race against other online players, purchase and customise your cars, or you can go on a road trip across the large open world.
However there are other types of racing games, games like F1 2015 are based on competitive racing, on a certain race track- there is no open world in this game.

F1 2015 (2015)

Survival Horror
Survival Horror games are games designed to scare a player, many horror games are survival based because once you die you have to start from the last checkpoint.
Silent Hill 2 (2001)

Silent Hill is a survival horror game where the player must evade monsters, you can kill these monsters, but it’s hard to do this because you usually you have bad weapons or small amounts of ammo in a gun- this makes the game a lot more tense to play.

Some survival horror games are all about hiding and stealth, for example Outlast, is about a journalist entering a insane asylum with just a camera- it is a very tense game as you cannot really fight back against the monstrosities that try and kill you.
Outlast (2013)

RTS stands for Real Time Strategy, this is a type of game where players build their civilisations and compete against each other in real time- this means the game is not turn based.
A Turn Based Strategy game is similar to a RTS, but only you take it in turns to develop your civilisation.

Starcraft 2 (2010)
StarCraft 2 is a very famous RTS game, in South Korea there are gaming tournaments that more than 120,000 people watched in a stadium, StarCraft players can make loads of money professionally.
Civilisation is a turn based strategy game, this means players have to make their moves in turns- like a board game.
Civilization 5 (2010)

A sandbox game is a game where a player can roam around the map at their own will, and along with this are missions which can be started at any time- the player has a choice to progress through the game, or just mess around in the open world.

Grand Theft Auto 5 (2013)
Grand Theft Auto(GTA) is the most famous sandbox game, in Grand Theft Auto players can roam around the map and cause chaos, the game is based around crime- you play as the criminal. In early GTA titles, the story line and game play were pretty basic, but in the games latest title Grand Theft Auto 5, the story line was epic, and the game play was extremely entertaining, there is a lot of freedom in this game; and that's why I think it's the greatest sandbox game ever.
Minecraft (2009)
Another good sandbox game which is the complete opposite of Grand Theft Auto- 
 is Minecraft. Minecraft is a game which lets players go where ever they want in the large in game world, and create whatever they want- the game is based around creating things; because of this there is not much of a storyline.
 A puzzle game is a game which challenges the mind of the player. The player must solve a puzzle by making connections, puzzle games have many different themes like: logic puzzles, character control puzzles, and block puzzles.
Tetris (1984)
Tetris is probably the most famous puzzle game ever released, since it's release in 1984 it has sold about 170 million copies across many different formats.
Portal (2007)
Portal is a more modern puzzle game- it is a character control puzzle adventure game, it has the control scheme of a first person shooter, but is about solving puzzles with a portal gun- which allows the player to travel through portals.