Computer Game Graphics

What are computer game graphics?
Computer game graphics are the elements that make up the game.
There are different types of computer game graphics such as:-
  • Print media graphics (posters, game packaging etc...)
  • In-game graphics (Head-up Displays, sprites, backgrounds, images etc...)

  • Concept art graphics

Print media graphics:
This is basically the packaging of the game including merchandise
such as posters. They are used to promote games and to do this, they
have to use eye catching colours and art that doesn't give too much away
about the game but enough to give you a rough idea what the game is about.

In-game graphics:
  • In video games, there is something called a HUD (Head Up Display)
  • and this can display the following things:-
  • Health / Armour
  • Lives
  • Time
  • Weapons / Ammunition
  • Capabilities
  • Menus
  • Game Progression
  • Mini-map
  • Speedometer
  • Context-sensitive Information (Only shows when it's important)
  • Crosshair / Cursor

Concept art:
Concept Artists do what their title says, for example; they will take an
idea from a game for instance; a weapon, vehicle, character or even
the enemy and they will sketch it out and colour it so it looks good in
all angles that it has been drawn at.

Graphics Specification:
Visual Styles (Colour, art style etc.)
Composition- arrangement of physical elements.
Typography- The visuals of the words and letter.

Technical considerations ( file formate, files size, optimisation, file naming conventions, asset management, intended output).